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Protect your children online with confidence 1 Parent Device Multiple Child Device 2 Years Subscription For Android 4.0 and above Features: List of most visited domains Shows the top visited websites for the last 7 days. Web Guard The app automatically blocks predefined website categories, such as adult or offensive content, based on the child’s age. You can decide to block additional categories or specific website addresses (URLs). Monitoring-only mode for websites Activate the monitoring mode and receive reports on the websites the child visits. Application Guard Automatically blocks inappropriate applications based on the Google Play content rating. Time-based app control Set maximum usage time for the given day, and prohibit access to Fun & Games category during specific hours. Monitoring-only mode for apps Switch to monitoring-only mode for app categories and specific apps when you don’t want to automatically block apps based on the ESET Parental Control for Android categories. Battery Protector Setup battery level, when device will block all Fun&Games applications to save battery for main accessibility. Child locator Check the child’s current location at any time via or Application in Parent mode. Geofencing Allows parents to set up zones and sends alerts when the child oversteps them. Processing time: Please allow us to process your orders up to 24hrs. (Maximum processing) License keys will be sent to your Email address Note: All sales are final. Please make sure to enter correct information before making purchase. Once the License keys details are sent to the email given by the buyer, no refund will be given. In case the item is not available or we are unable to deliver the item within 24hrs due to technicality, we will contact the buyer and provide refund. For more info, please feel free to chat us.

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