• How to register?
    • Sign up at Good Info Net
  • Is registration free?
    • Yes! Registration is free.
  • I cannot register because the captcha code on the registration site is not working. Can you fix this?
    • Please clean your browser’s cache and refresh the page. If the error still persists, you can message us at admin@goodinfonet.com or at Facebook.
  • Do you have an age limit?
    • There is no age limit because Good News is for everyone!
  • Can I create more than 1 account?
    • We require only one (1) account linked to an email address.

Forgot Password

  • I forgot my password. How to recover? What should I do?
    • You can reset your password by doing these steps:
      1. Click forgot password here
      2. Enter your email and click submit
      3. Check your email for a password reset
      4. Click on the link to reset your password.
      5. Login on the site with your new password

Cannot access account

  • I tried to access my account to post more good news, sadly I forgot my password. I pressed the forgot password & tried to enter my Gmail but it said my Gmail didn’t exist.
    • To help you resolve this issue, please provide us your name, username, and email address. Send it at Facebook or at Email: admin@goodinfonet.com
  • I forgot the email that I used, can I still recover my account?
    • No, you cannot recover your account without your email. As such, make sure to remember the email that you used in making your account.
  • I cannot log-in, it says that my account is not yet activated.
    • Kindly check your inbox for the activation email, If you have activated it before still encountered this message, you can send us an email at admin@goodinfonet.com or message us on Facebook.

Changing of Email

  • Can I change my email?
    • No, you cannot change your email once you have registered it at the site. As such, make sure to think carefully about your email before registration to avoid problems in the end.

Changing of Username

  • Can I change my username?
    • No, you cannot change your username once you have registered it at the site. As such, make sure to think carefully about your username before registration to avoid problems in the end.


  • How to post on the site?

    After signing up, you just have to do the following:

    1. Sign in here.
    2. On the right corner below the page, you can find the “+” button which states: “Post Good News”. Click it.
    3. Next, you just have to fill in the following information:
      • Good News Title
      • Category
      • Country (Optional)
      • Province (Optional)
      • City (Optional)
      • Youtube Video Link (optional)
      • Good news 
    4. Thereafter, click post
  • Can I post anything on Good Info Net?
    • You can post any positive content on Good Info Net. It could be about your dog, your family, your relationship. You can post anything that you think can INSPIRE positivity.
  • What can I not post?
    • Hate speech, pornography, violence, and content/s pertaining to illegal drugs.
    • Contents that solicit money, pyramiding schemes, scams, or other earning opportunities are not allowed.
    • Content infringing any intellectual property or other proprietary rights of any party is not allowed.
    • Nonsense post.
    • Negative or derogatory content is not allowed. Posts about suicide are also not allowed.
    • Sadness quotes are not allowed.
  • Why did my post get deleted?
    • We delete posts that do not comply with any of our site policies. We want to keep our site safe and welcoming for everyone. You can review the site's policies here.
  • How to report a post?
    • You can report a post by clicking the flag at the bottom of the article. However, if after reviewing the reported post and we found out that it doesn't go against any of our site policies, we will not delete it. You can review the site's policies here.
  • Can I post in any language?
    • Yes! You can post in any language or dialect as long as it is all about positive news.
  • How to share my posts?
    • You can share the post at your different social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and others. Just click on the icon below the news post and share it. You can also copy the URL above and paste it to your social media handles.

Top User

  • How to be a top user?
    • The Top User badge is given to those who always log in and engage with others' posts! Remember that it's not about what you have. It's about what you GIVE.
  • How many top users are there?
    • As of this writing, we only announce Top 10 users.
  • When do you announce top users?
    • We announce top users weekly, every Monday.
  • Where can I view the top users?
    • You can view the featured top users here

Page Views / Unique Page Views

  • What is the difference between page views and unique page views?
    • Pageviews are defined as the total number of times the piece of content was viewed during a given period. Unique Pageviews represent an aggregate of pageviews generated by the same user during the same session.
  • How many views should I get to earn?
    • As a top user, you need to have at least 500 page views to earn.
  • Where can I see the views of my posts?
    • To check the views of your articles, you may check it here:
      1. Go to ‘Manage Creatives’ beside your Profile Picture
      2. Click on ‘Insights’
      3. From there you can see the Unique Pageviews, High Fives, and Comments.
  • Do we have to reach 500 views in a certain number of days?
    • The 500 page views are for 7 days. We check the pageview count every day at midnight. Meanwhile, the cut-off of the 500 page views is every Monday at 10:00 am. That’s the basis of whether you will receive the payment.
  • Do you reset views?
    • Your unique page views are being reset every Monday after we announce the Top 10 users.
  • How to get unique page views?
    • Post with an engaging title. The one that will make a user click on it!
    • Post something relatable or value-adding. It could be tips, your recipe, or your personal experience about a topic that people are interested in.
    • Post a piece of good news with a photo.
    • Share your posts to your social media accounts and ask for your friends' support and let them read your post.
  • Why do I have a lot of high fives but no page views?
    • A potential reason could be that they are not clicking on your news page. Note that anyone can high five posts while on the Home Page & the Good News Page. There is a chance that they didn't read what's inside your post.
    • However, we also noticed that some users are using dummy accounts to high five their posts. While it's not against our terms to have dummy accounts, note that it wouldn't count as a unique page view.


  • How will I earn?
    • As a Top Content Creator, you can earn as much as $10 per post so long as it hits at least 500 page views. You just have to do the following:
      1. Sign up at Good Info Net
      2. Post any positive content on Good Info Net. It could be about your dog, your family, your relationship. You can post anything that you think can INSPIRE positivity.
      3. Share your Good Info Net content across all your social media networks. Examples are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. You can read more here: https://www.goodinfonet.com/goodnews/how-to-earn-as-a-content-creator-at-good-info-net
  • How much can I earn?
    • you can earn at least $10 per post so long as you are a top user and your post hits at least 500 page views.
  • How will I get paid?
    • We send payments through paypal
  • When will I get paid?
    • We process payments weekly, every Monday.
  • What if I do not have a paypal account?
    • You can make a paypal account by doing this steps:
      1. Sign up for free at PayPal.
      2. Link your cards
      3. Choose PayPal at Checkout
      4. PayPal account is very important in claiming your earnings. For more information, you can read here.
  • Can I use 1 paypal account for 2 different Good Info Net accounts?
    • No. We require to only have (1) paypal account for one (1) Good Info Net account.
  • Do you send payments at banks and money transfer service?
    • As of the moment, we do not send payments via bank and money transfer service. We only send it via PayPal.
  • Can I still earn even if I am not a top user?
    • No, you need to be a top user with at least 500 unique page views to start earning.
  • How many top users receive payments?
    • As of the moment, only Top 10 users who have received 500 unique page views at the site will receive the $10 payment.

Host an Event

  • Who can host an event?
    • Anyone. You just need to post about it on the Get Together page.
  • How can I host an event?

You can do that by following the steps below:

  1. Sign in at Good Info Net.
  2. Click ‘Community’ and Hover down to ‘Get Together’
  3. Click the red button below or the ‘Add New Event’
  4. Enter the details and click save.

Third party app

  • Can I use a third party app to gain traffic?
    • No, the use of a third-party app to gain traffic is against the rules and regulations of Good Info Net. This is an act of dishonesty and we do not tolerate it on the platform. Let's be fair to all fellow content creators who are really pushing themselves to create engaging and inspirational content. We will delete your post immediately if we have found out that you are using third-party apps. Read more here.

Tutorial Videos

Unsubscribe from emails

  • How to unsubscribe from emails?
    • You can unsubscribe from all Good Info Net email by doing the following:
      1. Go to your email, check below the message, and click the unsubscribe link included. The text is as follows:

        “If you think you received this email by mistake, please send an email to admin@goodinfonet.com. To unsubscribe click this.”

Delete Account

  • How to delete my account?
    • You can delete your account by doing the following steps:
      1. Go to 'Edit Profile.
      2. Below, you can find the 'Delete Account' button.
  • Can I recover a deleted account?
    • No, once you delete your account it is already permanent and you cannot recover it anymore.


  • Are you affiliated with any other organizations such as government-related entities or tv shows?
  • No, we are not affiliated with any other organizations such as government-related entities or tv shows.