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Bianca Ulan

I have lots of high fives but NO PAGEVIEWS??

A lot of you are asking...
"How come I have lots of high fives but NO page views?"

A potential reason could be that they are not clicking on your news page. Note that anyone can high five a post while on the Home Page & the Good News Page. There is a chance that they didn't really read what's inside your post.

However, we also noticed that some users are using dummy accounts to high five their own posts. While it's not against our terms to have dummy accounts, note that it wouldn't really count as a unique page view :)

How to get unique page views then?
1. Post with an engaging title. The one that will make a user click on it!
2. Post something relatable or value-adding. It could be tips, your recipe, or your personal experience about a topic that people are interested about.
3. Post a piece of good news with a photo.
4. Share your posts to your social media accounts and ask for your friends' support and let them read your post.

Some of you might also ask...
"I have lots of high fives but I am not even a Top User??"

Remember that it's not about what you have.
It's about what you GIVE :)

Top User badge is given to those who always log in and engage with others' posts!

Stay tuned as we are already brewing incentives for top users and quality posts! <3
If we like a content, even though it doesn't have that much page views, you still have a chance to get rewarded! <3

Happy Inspiring!


  • Hot Mama
    Jan 25, 2021 22:51
    Thank you for good news
  • Dancing Pen
    Sep 07, 2020 23:55
    is it still counted as a unique page view if someone not on GIN clicked the content shared on social media accounts?
  • Jeffknows
    Aug 12, 2020 10:20
    Thank youuuuu~