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How To Earn As A Content Creator at Good Info Net?

Good Info Net is a haven of positivity. No profanity. No bashing. 100% good news!
If you're a content creator who wants to make a positive impact on your community, Good Info Net is the right platform for you!

Here's how you can earn money as a Good Info Net Content Creator...

- Post any positive content on Good Info Net! It could be your dog, your family, your relationship... Literally, anything that you think can INSPIRE positivity.
- Share your Good Info Net content across all your social media networks!
- Earn based on the engagement! For Good Info Net posts that hit at least 200 page views for the last 7 days, content creators will earn at least $10 per post! The higher the page views, the higher the earnings!

The program is still on the beta phase so we may encounter hiccups along the way.

We continuously review page views and content every Monday so with that, we'll see which content creators will receive our weekly payouts via Paypal.

Thank you so much for your overwhelming support!
Happy Inspiring!

CMO of Good Info Net


  • Nathan Barong Vlog
    Sep 21, 2020 18:30
    I actually dont understand til now! I have 600+ notifications just this week probably 400high five why i didnt even have a payment for that?
  • MikelJosef
    Aug 26, 2020 19:59
    How to link our paypal account in goodinfo?
  • Scott Tj Bandoquillo
    Aug 13, 2020 11:41
    my concern is that do we need to achieve 200 views PER POST? or is it an accumulation of views on your post for the past 7 days