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How Unique Pageviews Work?

If you're curious about how unique pageviews work, here's a quick explanation!

1. We use Google Analytics to track Unique Pageviews.
2. Google Analytics identifies Unique Pageviews based on a user's device & internet connection
3. We update it on a daily basis every 12 midnight
4. We pay content creators who have reached at least 200 page views every Monday at 10 AM

What does that mean?
Even though you create 200 dummy accounts for yourself, Google Analytics can only count that as 1 unique pageview since you are using the same device & connection.

You can maybe get away with it if you have 200 devices at home! But that wouldn't be cost-effective, right?

This is a call to NOT CHEAT on the system :)

This would not give you an advantage over those who are completely honest because we take these seriously. Our algorithm can spot this! *wink*

Again, we are here to spread positivity! 
So, let's do it all in an honest way and from the heart.

Everyone wants to earn, we know! 
Deserving and honest people will get earnings. That is a guarantee! :)

Happy Inspiring!


  • Willa Villar
    Sep 22, 2020 20:24
    hello :D Another thing is why do I have Highfive even if I don't have unique page views?
  • Willa Villar
    Sep 22, 2020 20:12
    Thankyou but i have a question, I cannot see the total unique views, I have some post that have 0 views, then the other day it will be 7, then it will be zero again, what is the reason for this? Thank you and hoping for reply
  • Lncuizon
    Sep 20, 2020 11:36
    Thank you so much for explaining this!