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Change does not happen overnight; it is a work in progress!

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Change does not happen overnight; it is a work in progress – and that is exactly what U! Happy Events stands for.

U! Happy is composed a core team of volunteers that spearheads its events, but their strength lies with the ability to encourage more and more people to participate in their cause. Since 2006, U! Happy was able to mobilize thousands of volunteers across the country to support local organizations that share the same vision as they do: to champion positive change in the marginalized children sector. 

Their events are geared towards spreading happiness to their beneficiaries. To date, they have conducted several birthday and thanksgiving workshops, donation drives, film screenings, and other activities that encourage creativity and collaboration among children. 

For more than over a decade, U! Happy has reached over 10,000 Filipino children by organizing creative and meaningful games and activities achieved through partnerships and collaboration with community-based organizations, education and health advocacy groups, and private companies and charities. 

With their growing community, U! Happy stands with their motto that “Change starts with U” and continues to encourage volunteer groups to support children through their Create Your Own Event, a platform for prospective sponsors and volunteers to organize their own outreach activities. U! Happy created this system to offer logistical support and coordination to interested groups or donors. This is to ensure that volunteers can focus more of their time getting to know the children that will benefit from the outreach and have a complete experience of volunteering, the U! Happy way. 
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