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In the age of information and digital structures, browsing the Internet for that “feel good” content can be quite a struggle. There are still unique websites that are committed to delivering inspiring stories and Good News Network (GNN) is one of them. 

Describing itself as an antidote to the barrage of negativity experienced in the mainstream media, GNN has been true to their mission since 1997. With over 21,000 unique and inspirational news archives, GNN has developed a following of millions of readers from all over the world. To ensure delivery of remarkable and touching news, GNN offers a wide range of stories – from the most mundane dog-owner relationships to the innovative green initiatives of young people – a guarantee that one will never run out of good news for the day. More than just stories, GNN also features motivational podcasts sourced from different parts of the world.

To encourage community involvement, GNN expands its content development through crowdsourcing. Aside from its own team of members who write features for GNN, individuals can also submit their stories of a random act of kindness and heroism, amazing customer service, or any good news story from anywhere in the world. Anyone can submit a write up and their team of editors will review the story for publishing. This is to encourage community engagement and ensure delivery of relatable content to their dedicated following.

Aside from delivering inspiring stories, GNN also partners with charitable institutions. With a Good Gifts feature on their websites, GNN helps organizations by helping them market their products and merchandise and offering discounts when readers purchase online through the GNN website. 

GNN continues to grow its network by offering membership which starts at just $2.00 per month. Memberships come with several perks including an access to downloadable e-books and audio programs curated by GNN. In return, members will be able to help fund writers and online team members, as well as support GNN in its vision to bring the good news not just online but to television and radio in the near future.
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