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In this fast-paced society, development has always been attached with "modernization".
However, not all institutions can keep up with this trend. This is evident in the situation of Los Baños National High School (LBNHS), a public high school in Los Baños, Laguna.

"The Modernization Challenge"

One of the first groups to step-up in bringing the needs of LBNHS to focus are the officers of the Supreme Student Government (SSG), the highest representation of the students' voice. They expressed that the school needs fund to modernize their computer rooms, their classroom's ventilation system, and mode of instruction.

"The current situation vis-a-vis its consequences"

The LBNHS' library was demolished in 2014. Its absence has forced the students to outsource to other school's libraries and to rely heavily on the use of computers as a modernized source of information. Currently, there are at least 20 computer units in their Computer Room which is not enough to accommodate the 4000 students of LBNHS.

Aside from the computer rooms, modernizing the classrooms' environment is also a problem. Particularly, the poor ventilation system brings heat and stress among the students. The ratio of 4 electric fans to 60 students per classroom causes discomfort and hyperventilation among students.

These situations are echoed by Ma'am Maila Bandoy Marcelino-Tobongbanua (SSG adviser) who said that the demand for more computer units reflects the shift to modernization of the information-seeking behavior of the students. She also added that alongside this shift, there is also a need to modernize the teachers' mode of instruction such as using smart TVs as monitors for their visual aids and other instruction materials.

"An Aspiration for a Better Education"

According to Louis Palis, an SSG officer, "having improved computer units and additional electric fans will provide the needs of the students towards a modernized and a more comfortable quality of education". LBNHS believe that improved computer units and classroom environments are important in modernizing the quality of their education so they will be more ready and equipped to the challenges of a modernized society.
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