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Agatha De Borja

Why Watch The Channel Called 'Arcade Craniacs' on YouTube? 😍😱🙀👻

       According to a fan (I forgot the name), this is a new realm of comedy. For those who are not familiar with Arcade Craniacs, it consists of young YouTubers who are a romantic couple and a best friend having fun and collaborating in their videos with the following names: Edward, Nicole, and Lissy. Most of the time, the romantic couple, Edward and Nicole, are the ones mostly involved in this channel. Sometimes, Lissy joins them. Lissy has been mostly involved with her own YouTube channel with a similar theme as Arcade Craniacs. These people have several YouTube channels but their main channel is Arcade Craniacs where most of the entertaining and fun videos are. The fandom is also great and super engaged with the Arcade Craniacs.

         The type of videos that these people create is mostly about interesting and great types of horror content that are popular around the internet. Because the horror content has always been a mixture of genius humor and satire along with their energetic and fun personalities, it makes their channel one of the most entertaining ever seen. Think also of their channel as Dora The Explorer mixed with horror and excellent humor. Are you familiar with the topic about the lost cartoon episodes, 3 AM videos, creepypastas, Thomas The Train.exe, Sonic.exe, Chuck E Cheese.exe. Elmo.exe, Talking Angela the Creepy App, and more? These people created videos about them and knew how to make them very entertaining to their fans. Don't worry because it's less scary. Watching these guys feels like a comfort and makes you less anxious as if you are part of the video and joined them in their adventures despite the horror content. Their videos are rather entertaining and great comfort especially if you deal with depression. The focus is drawn more towards their comedic genius and humor than the horror. This is also why you don't need to be a horror fan nor comedy fan to be drawn towards their videos and subscribe to their channel. 

Just try watching it. Watch the posted fan-made video about some of the funniest moments of Arcade Craniacs. Then, check if you are going to like it. Even better, go straight to their YouTube channel and pick any of their videos.