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My Journey

Hello everyone! I'm Nicole San Juan, 21 years old. I just want to share my story to you. As I was a little girl, I encountered so much struggles and problems. Until I became depressed and having anxieties and panic attacks. The way that I can't handle my feelings anymore, I hurt myself, I tried to kill myself. It was not easy for me to overcome it all alone, sometimes I'm having sleep paralysis, my hair keeps falling, I lose weight, I lost my passions, I lost my mind, I LOST MYSELF. I suffered for almost 7 years of darkness. For believing God that he will heal me by my time comes, and he actually did it! I just woke up full of motivation and inspiration, and now, as a 21 years old, I am happy to say that, I AM FREE to my demons! Yes! I can't believe that I will here standing bravely. I also brought back all of my passions and keeps getting better. As soon as you trust his plans, and he sees that you're ready, he will show you the better world for you.