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Why Adobo? #MyFavoriteFood

There should be just one thing when when we talk about the best. And the one food that best represents the Philippines must be that which is the quintessence of Filipino Cuisine. The only dish I can think of that fitting the criteria is Adobo.

Adobo is a traditional Filipino dish. It is very easy to cook, and it's similar to beef stew, but uses pork and chicken or both. It is commonly prepared with chicken or pork that is marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, black peppercorns and bayleaf (dahon ng laurel) before being simmered for cooking. It can be also stored without refrigeration due to the addition of vinegar that incorporated to restrict bacteria and mold growth. 

Adobo stands for simplicity of life when packing flavor with basic ingredients. It also reflects us Filipino, because Adobo has the consistency that the longer it is kept, the better it tastes, like us we value relationships and Family. The longer we spend together, the deeper and richer the bond will be.

The more often you prepare adobo, the more flavor you can make and the stronger you become. It's addictive, too-both cooking and eating. That's why a lot of people think this is a high order of food. But it's typical dish, actually. They can all cook it, if they just try it out. And if they just stick to it, they're going to like it to eat.

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  • Kyungg
    Oct 24, 2020 13:50
  • FindingSerenity
    Oct 24, 2020 12:39
  • Rvillarin10
    Oct 24, 2020 11:35
    adobo is also one of my favorite food, yummy!