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Do you also start up your day with a sip or a hot coffee or a chocolate drink to make you feel awake?
Who among you would go out of their rooms when you noticed the sauteing smell from your kitchen?
How many cups of rice do you consume when your viand is sinigang(a Filipino dish)? 
Who would love to grab a snack like pizza, popcorn, and chips in a movie night watching with the person you're comfortable with? 
Do you love the strawberry and vanilla flavor of ice cream like me?
What's your favorite brand of chocolates? Do you crave sweets when you are stressed?
Do Jollibee and Mcdo satisfy your hungry tummy during the lazy time that you are hesitant to cook?

If you can answer at least one yes from these questions above, you are lucky. Whenever you are sad because of something and you remember to eat to improve your mood, I am happy for you. I want you to be appreciative of every single spoon, sip, chew, and taste of food that you have. Let us remember that food is a basic need and there are people who cannot provide it by themselves. There are people who are dying because they lack the needs, that we are lucky to have. 
I hope that you taste your next meal as the most delicious food that you have ever tasted. And let us give thanks to the people who are preparing the food that we eat, our parents, farmers, fast-food crews, waiters, and vendors that serve us right. 


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