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Willa Villar

To young ones who feel like they chose the wrong course, the wrong job for their future. Read this. This is for you.

To young ones who feel like they chose the wrong course, the wrong job for their future. Relax it is okay. 

An open letter to the youth, graduates, and students. Surely you can relate to this.
And to parents, hope this might somehow give you insights to the younger ones.
*based on my personal experience and insights

After 5 years, I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture, but still questioning myself, why did I take Architecture? Well I know I am not the only one who never feels lost after college. Anxieties that surrounds our mind if we took the right path that will lead us to our purpose in life. 

"Limang taon at tapos na, panibagong kabanata ulit." But I never really know what lies ahead after this. One thing I am sure of, I know I will survive because I learned a lot in College. 

I've learned to be hardworking
I've learned to be patient
I've learned to take risk
I've learned to be humble, to have faith, to believe in myself. Truly, I am still in my self-discovery.

 If we could only tell the world that we have different dreams and different aspects of life. 

In my experience, I have no regrets, what is important for me is I have been in a lot of things that made me ready to face anything in life. I have learned a lot of skills that can make me look for creative ways to gain success. I salute those people who have been ready even without getting in college, people who have face life, and been directed into situations without being ready for it. I might be a college graduate with a specific standard degree, but our life is still not directed to what people want us to become. Self- discovery is a lifetime process. For the next 5 years, I may and may not be an architect. If I didn't, it does not automatically means that I wasted my five years, my degree, my money, and my time. People must change their perception about this, it is time to realize that every decision or path we take is a stepping stone for us to know what we want in life.

Let us just treasure, learn new values, knowledge, and ideas each day, and be thankful for it. Let us appreciate what we did in a specific moment, for we never really know what lies ahead of us.

Hello sharing you my first blog, not a Pro but I hope this will inspire you somehow.  
Do I really want to be an Architect? Let's see in my future blogs :D
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