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4-Year-Old Girl Yells ‘Black Lives Matter’ At Woman in Home Depot–Now They’re Good Friends .

When a Colorado mom heard her 4-year-old daughter yell ‘Black Lives Matter’ to a woman in Home Depot this summer, she wasn’t expecting such a beautiful friendship to blossom for the pair.

Sherri Gonzales was out shopping in Commerce City when she heard a little girl say the words that have been chanted on thousands of streets around the world this summer.

“She said it with strength, like she was making a point,” Sherri told KCNC in Denver.

That little girl was Camryn Radcliff. Her mom, Cassi, wasn’t sure how a person would react to having ‘Black Lives Matter’ yelled at them.

Sherri Gonzales looked at Cam and said, “Thank you so much for saying that and for recognizing that my life matters.”