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Cedrix Miranda

My Hero Academia Season 4: Netflix Release Schedule Revealed!


COVID-19 has put up a lockdown to a lot many things apart from shops and our lifestyles. One of the things that have been hampering is the production of movies, seasons, and animes. One of the sufferers is My Hero Academia, whose Season 4 was coming up on Netflix in early 2020 after being released in Japan on October 12, 2019. Now, we can only wait for things to pick up their pace, only then we can expect it late 2020 or early 2021.

There is a kind of relaxation for those who are okay with watching the Japanese version, for them they can definitely watch it on other platforms. For those who are willing to just go for English dub on Netflix, they would have to wait a bit longer.


This season would be covering Manga from Chapters 125 to 184 and the first arc would be of Overhaul which indeed would be the strongest arc of the series with the main focus being GROWTH.

The series would be coming as a 24 episodes standard format, giving all characters such a dynamic growth along with our protagonist, which would be hardly seen in any Shounen Anime.

The season would witness more of League of Villains and reasons where we could see that My Hero Academia won’t hesitate to give powers to everyone fighting along with Deku.

This series would be a rollercoaster of emotions and power. A beautiful play of what is known as a Team, realizing that even in the most earth-shattering moment of Deku, he is not the only one who can steal hearts.

Out of all the fights and seriousness, the School Festival arc would be quite relaxing not only for the Heroes but also for the viewers along with the fact that there would be a development of harsh feelings for Class 1-A, whom everybody believes to be the reason behind the hardships everyone is facing. Along with that would be giving glimpses of how a normal day looks like at The My Hero Academia.

Well, that’s all folks, I would surely not like to ruin the suspense of watching the series. All I wish is that the wait is worth it and we have an amazing series coming in our buckets. Till then Be Safe, Stay Buzzed, and enjoy the trailer!