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'Tis the season! #MYCHRISTMASWISHLIST #MyChristmasWishList ❤👪

My Christmas Wishlist!!

Since then, I really love writing my lists for Christmas even though I know I won't get all of what I wrote, but when I got something off from my list it really makes my whole Christmas fever more happy! 

I have 5 things listed for my Christmas wish list.
 Now I'm a college student and studying nursing, I really love to take notes and since it's online class, one of the things included in my list is the iPad Air. I know I won't get it this Christmas but I just wanted it to be in my list because I know it can really help me for my studies. 

Second from my list is new shoes! Though I hardly go outside since its pandemic, I still would want to new shoes because in how many weeks its 2021 already, and I know for sure that this pandemic will end anytime soon! 

Third one is Bag for my mom. My mom really loves bags and sometimes I feel guilty because she can't buy her own bag because she would just buy me something instead of buying herself things, and since it's Christmas, me, my Dad and my brother are on it on buying her a bag and we can't wait to surprise her! 

Next on my list is already done by my dad. My own study place! I didn't asked him for this, I just sometimes hope for a better work place and this last Wednesday he added a hanging desk for me to put all my books and materials and added a study lamp too. I was really happy that day because it was a coincidence that it was just on my list and then my dad fulfilled it.

Last thing on my wish list is eternal Happiness for my family and friends. I wish them all the happiness in this world because they deserve it. After all what they have done to me and how they help me throughout this year just to survive, they deserve everything! God knows how grateful I am for them and the last thing on my list is Happiness for everyone. 🤗

How about you? What's on your Christmas Wish List?