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Embracing flaws

Life is full of challenges, some of those are so hard to the point that it will break us apart. sometimes we get chips and cracks, and other times we get completely shattered, and all we want t do is to go back to the way things were, but it is impossible, right? all we can do is start doing the work to rebuild. now, Kintsugi is a Japanese process of repairing broken objects, and turning them into something even more beautiful than the original piece. So they repair not to hide the cracks, but to highlight them with gold, and celebrate their value so they become a part of the story, and not the end of it. The repair just like healing takes a lot of work and effort, but instead of throwing things away, or pretend that the worst never happened, we give the cracks meaning and purpose by using them to enhance the things as a whole and celebrating the fact that they helped us become who we are today. those kinds of challenges proves us that our weakest point in life is our greatest weapon and strength.