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tired of being an overthin"KING" #whatkeepsmegoing

I thought ESCAPING is the answer whenever I'm in my state of OVERTHINKING and it took me a long while to realize that it's all coming back because doing that, I am not fixing anything. Not until I met this person that I'm hoping to meet again.

My name is Jhim and this is my story.

Back then, I worry too much. Like, when I opened my eyes in the morning, the moment I woke up, I feel like I need to go back to sleep because my life will be then again a WORST NIGHTMARE. Hoping that when I go back to sleep, I'll wake up without it. But it never happened.

I  hate the feeling-the fact of you having hands to feel, having eyes to see, ears to hear but you can't feel anything, you can't see anything nor hear anything because all you know is YOU'RE HURT and SHATTERED.

Everything that you do seems wrong and can destroy. Not until I ran into the mirror and looked at the eyes of the person staring at me.

I asked him, "how are you?"

He then told me nothing. He just smiled and I asked again, "how are you?"

Then he got teary eyes and told me, "You weigh more than you think. You weigh more than your fears."

After hearing that, I found tears in my eyes that lead me to feel how it's like to LIVE again. It's been a while since I felt alive.

I never got to thank the person in the mirror but one thing he left me. What keeps me going?

One lesson I learned, we cannot escape trials because they are meant to be faced and we are meant to win it! there is no turning back. We are victors, we are capable! We are bigger than our FEARS and STRUGGLES.

We are made by a perfect God and so, He made us imperfect perfectly for the life we must live and celebrate!

I  will end this story by saying,
He did not put you there to worry. He lead you there to bless you and not to leave you.

Thank you for coming this far. I hope I shared something to you. By the way, who would have thought you'll be in my page, this is not an accident. All thanks to God who made this encounter possible! Pray always.



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