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from FEAR into FAITH

Hello! Good day! BREAK THROUGH is coming. Hold on and be patient. Sooner, you'll thank yourself for not giving up.

My name is Jhim and this is my story.

Way back 2014, I joined a community where sinners are taken care of. I was clueless and curious about what can this new people may bring. What I found out shocked me!

Before that, I was a simple young man, going to school to study and hang out after classes. Everyday is a typical day. Like I have never met the word "goals". My life is really flat tire then.

But this community shook my life and even turned it into something.

One afternoon, I received a text message from our leader that I will be in charge to give a talk. I replied, "YES TO GOD!" but in my head, "WAIT! WHAT?! WHY ME?!"..

..but there is no turning back.

As I prepared, I asked many people. I asked my leaders, friends, even family members, etc. But I wasn't able to get that something my heart is looking for. I was really getting nervous.

As days passed by, I remember, I ran into a situation where the perfect person to be asked called me. I found more than the answers I was looking for!

In fact, I haven't realized it, the moment I said yes to Him. He's name is Jesus. The one I told my "YES" to. I just offered everything and surrender all my fears to HIM. Then I delivered my talk and told what He told me.

After my talk, I cried too much. Not because I'm  happy because I finished my job but because I felt unworthy to do a talk next time. I was really shattered.

But one of the people from the audience came to me and said.. "Praise God for what you've done!"

In that moment,  everything changed..

I caught myself worrying again about the outcome. What I don't realized is.. He planted me to speak in His behalf and everything I told them doesn't even came from me!

It is from the man who helped me to become the person I was now. Jesus is His name.

So everything that happened during my talk, are in His plans and His plans are to PROSPER us not to harm anybody.

So what would I have to worry?

I  will end this story by saying,
He did not put you there to worry. He lead you there to bless you and not to leave you.

Thank you for coming this far. I hope I shared something to you. By the way, who would have thought you'll be in my page, this is not an accident. All thanks to God who made this encounter possible! Pray always.


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