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The Truth About This Pandemic

In this season of the pandemic, we share our grief and empathy with the souls who fought their battles against COVID-19. We were frightened and terrified by the news that has been circulating on social media and television. Seeing humanity struggling to fight back against the unseen threat has caused fear and anxiety in most of us. Unsurprisingly, many are afraid to go out and return to normal. Most industries, from government and private companies to individuals, were greatly affected by the major outbreak and have dealt with the new normal, resulting in an inevitable negative impact on the economy. We were tested financially, spiritually, and emotionally. Everyone hoped this would end, the sooner the better. Despite the tragedy, there are many things to be grateful for.

The heroic acts of the front liners.
We saw how deeply they dedicated their time and effort to the whole community. The moment they accepted the challenge to become soldiers of the nation, another life was put in danger to save others. It is such a brave act to continue serving the people despite the worldwide crisis. It's not just because that's their job, but because they wanted to serve and save humanity.

Life is beautiful.
The outbreak has become an eye-opener to the meaning of life—it must be lived, not suffered or survived. The opportunity that COVID-19 provided has made us reflect and has contributed to a change in our perspective on love, art, nature, health, and all the small things.

Health is wealth.
As we face the challenge, another battle is going on: the battle to maintain our health. Indeed, we can say "health is wealth." It has become a valuable asset, and everyone is learning in any way possible to protect and fight for it. We take supplements to boost our immune system and eat healthful foods essential to continue improving and optimizing our overall health.

God is good.
COVID-19 has become a human catastrophe in our lives, but it gives us value and helps us appreciate what's important—life. This illness knows no status nor wealth. Some of us find comfort and security in our homes, while others may not stay at home to provide for their families. Knowing the fact that we are still alive, still have food on our tables, can continue to support our families, and have not contracted illnesses from others—that itself is something to be thankful for. God is still active amid the pandemic. This global pandemic taught us how to be in this world and reflect deeply on what is certain.

Though we do not need to have a pandemic to give value and gain this awareness of life, as we continue to fight, even the weakest part of us becomes the strongest army. Tomorrow may not be promised, but we are all hopeful—even if the sky is cloudy, the sun is already shining from afar and will rise for a better and healthier tomorrow.


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