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Theory of love: Thai BL Series

 “At least, being a friend is better than nothing at all” Third
Okay! Okay! I know most of you babies who are a big fan of BL series know this one all too well But, let me do this for those little ones who are missing half of their lives not watching this one ‘cause babe this is one masterpiece!   

So to start with the story revolves around a circle of friends who are filmology majors these four guys are so hot people on their school line up for them and of course who are they to say no? Well… all of them kind of you know enjoyed it aside Third which is played by Gun (Atthaphan Phunsawat) and why you ask? Becauseeeeee *inhales* because Third is in love to one of his friends named Khai which is by the way played by one actor full of gangster charisma Off (Jumpol Adulkittiporn) *fangirl detected* anyways among all of them this guy is the worst when it comes to handling relationship you’ll know why when you watch the series hahaha and so Third struggled to hide his feelings for three long years *the struggle babies we all know the struggle* and as he does so we’ll be watching endless of crying that you’ll start to remember your past heartbreak when you fell in love to your friend. Come on we all have that don’t be shy *smiles* and of course just like you, the thought of confessing came, and when Third did it's one epic fail! Flash forward when third’s feelings were exposed Khai didn’t handle it all too well resulting in cold shoulders, silent treatments, fights even violence and so third came to his senses and decided it’s time to move on.  And tadah! Only then did this mighty Khai realized his feelings the next episodes were kind of satisfying ‘cause you’ll witness one arrogant lad trying to win someone he’s been hurting for a long time.

 I’ll end the synopsis here so I won’t spoil the magical ending. If you haven’t watched it yet I strongly suggest you do it now. Not only the actors and actresses are good but also the plot itself though the main characters are Khai and third the stories of their friends named Two and Bone also give colors to the story it shows different kinds of love and will give a lot of lessons not just in love and friendship but also in life another flavor is the fact that most of the characters expressed their emotions by relating it to a movie, photography or giving reviews to films since that’s their major. it is dramatic that it’ll make you cry for a couple of times but it’s not something that will make you stressed while watching since the comedic effects are effective same goes with some plot twist that you didn’t know you’ll need and of course let’s not forget how beautiful the OST of this series is it’s going to be one of your new favorites!

 I’ll be ending this here so you guys can start watching it. But since I know you’ll like it let me say this: WELCOME TO THE CLUB! 
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