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Doukyuusei(Yaoi anime Recomendation) Pt. 2

Here's the continuation babies. enjoy!

PART 1:https://www.goodinfonet.com/goodnews/doukyuuseiyaoi-anime-recommendation 

But then the relationship is not really clear because there is no label in the relationship and some people started noticing that they are really getting close which seems like a big deal for Sajou but not for Kusakabe . Even their teacher noticed it and asked Kasukabe about it which Kusukabe answered honestly but the conversation led Kasukabe getting a little jealous of the teacher ‘cause he know Sajou longer than him and the fact that Sajou seems like he is being so distant to Kusakabe recently the relationship seems like it is falling apart with the teacher talking to Sajou about how a relationship between two men will affect their future and all while Kindaaaa trying to make a move on Sajou  buuuuut then Kusakabe came and gave that sensei a strong punch in the head *given the situation the way it was handled was pretty light *and took his man with him! Goooo get your mannnnn! And because of that He Finally asked Sajou to go out with him while lowkey crying!!! *Seriously FINALLY!* and so they end up datinggggggggg
Tho the thought that the relationship is going to be difficult and is still on Sajou’s mind which greatly affect the following scene during the day of the disbandment of Kusakabe’s band where he got invited and hear the girls talking about how they like Kusakabe even witnessing one of them trying to get Kusakabe’s number  he left without talking to Kusakabe with all the doubt and insecurity running on his head and here you’ll see how Kusakabe assured him that he only wanted him *HUHUHU Something that I will never experience* saying stuff like you’re number one and a lot of fluffy stuff *I feel so single seriously I wanna smack both of them 'cause of how I feel HAHA* but then near the graduation it was then revealed that Sajou was about to study in a University far away from home and Kusakabe learned this from their teacher he talked about it with Sajou which didn’t really end well that they ended up realizing they don’t know each other that well 

Kusakabe thinks that Sajou didn’t really have faith in their relationship and was just waiting for it to end while Sajou was feeling lost since kusakabe never talked about plans in their future with that Kusakabe stated that they should not meet in the meantime. 

With that relationship status, their vacation came. It was then revealed that their teacher lives in the same house with Kusakabe while Sajou started preparing for his university both being restless with the situation but refusing to do anything about it 

On the day of his exam Sajou needed to take the train and while on it the conversation during the last time they talked keep on repeating in his head making him dizzy and sick when he suddenly receives a call from Kusakabe he fainted and got a dream of him and kusakabe talking basically the solution of their relationship issue and when he woke up he’s on the train station with kusakabe beside him in the midst of his confusion because he needed to attend his exam they were able to talk and resolve the issue while Kusakabe gives him a ride on his motorcycle after the exam Kusakabe is waiting for him *and I sweaaaaar this ending is just so perfect*

This took longer than I thought and now I am completely calm from all the emotions HAHAHAHAHA this is really gold swear the art style might be not soooo pretty but it’s not that bad the plot and dialogues makes up for it like seriouslyyyy     Kusakabe is just so good with his words.and the fluff is so much it makes me jealous
 Don’t miss this out, guys. Till next time

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    Oct 28, 2020 23:00
    Oh wow. Thanks for sharing ☺️