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Agatha De Borja

Play 'Among Us' 🙂🙆👽

    Has anyone ever played this game like me? For those who have not heard and seen this game before, I recommend trying this. Based on my experience, all I can say is that 'Among Us' is awesome. Many people love to play this. There are many funny 'Among Us' videos which consist of parodies and of players competing intensely in a funny way on YouTube. You can play this on your phones for free. In order to master the game, there are many different YouTube videos that will demonstrate to you better how to do it. This game is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. Why is that? The concept of the game is amazing that many people have become truly addicted to it. If you cannot visit your friends in this quarantine, it's a great game to play with the friendship group in the comfort of your home. Feel free to play this game with your family too.

    What is this game about? It's a sci-fi and multiplayer game. It has a cute animation. The game takes place in a random space ship. The characters consist of cute astronauts. They all look the same. When you create your character, you select its color, hat, clothes, and more. You give it a funny name too. You can often change your name at any time you want. There are different maps which are the different space ships that one player would like to choose and assign for him/herself and the rest of the players that join.  There are two options to select a map. Either you select public or private before you play. When you select 'public', you will see a list of different maps with codes created by other players. In public, you will select a random map owned by a random 'Among Us' player. Some players from the list will let you in or not depending on whether the respective map is already full because the number shouldn't be beyond 10 which is the maximum number of players and for other reasons on why they do not allow you (hehe). There are three maps that only exist within this game. However, one still selects a map that would allow plenty of more random players in and not just with a group of friends. When you see a list of public maps, they are all almost the same maps except that there are different owners and players that navigate each. Each available map has a different code in it in order to identify that the owner of the map is different. On the other hand, when you select 'private', you are the one who selects either of the three existing maps. When you finally have your own code for your map, you can share it with your friends as you allow them to enter. In order for them to enter them, they have to type the given code in the 'private' search bar. You will just end up being private using this map with your friends. At the same time, you can switch it to 'public', becoming part of the public list and allow more people inside to reach a maximum of 10 players. 

    When the match begins, two out of ten players become impostors in the spaceship.  Sometimes it can be more than 2 impostors. Impostors are the aliens disguised completely as astronauts. If you are the impostor, your character still looks and acts the same but with a monster inside. These players assigned as impostors only know this and should keep this a secret even when they video call with their friends. Everyone else goes to complete all tasks that each one can find throughout the map. While everyone else is busy, the job of the two or more impostors is to sabotage parts of the ships which often destroy the lights of the spaceship in order for them to prey easily and kill as much as astronauts without being caught..Don't worry it's not a spooky game. It's a plainly cute and fun game to play with. You can still wear any 'Among Us' cosplay or costume on Halloween. In my opinion, 'Among Us' music track can still be used for Halloween playlists. One of the real astronauts makes sure that a dead body found will be immediately reported in order to discuss who is the possible impostor among them. After a dead body is reported, everyone gathers around the emergency meeting room which is the chat room. At this point, everyone is required to vote for the possible impostor in the emergency room. You can also skip the vote. I usually skip if I'm not one of the witnesses of the dead body, find no clue of who else was in the room, and especially when there is not enough evidence pointed out in the group discussions. Eventually, more and more dead bodies scattered will be found as more astronauts keep moving on to the next tasks. As a non-impostor player, your job is to complete all your own assigned tasks and avoid being assassinated by an impostor. 

     My advice is also to observe how other astronauts move so that the investigation of the impostors will be easier. Often times, it's not easy to investigate which astronauts end up voting for the wrong impostor to be kicked out of the space ship. It's often easier to feel suspicious of one another because you cannot immediately tell who the impostor is. Any time the impostor can be one of your close friends or family members without telling you. If you are the impostor, you need to practice. You must be crafty at killing others without being caught. You can still talk in the chat room and vote for someone else while pretending that you are not the impostor. If the impostors were able to kill all the astronauts, they will win. On the other hand, if everyone was able to kick out the two impostors instead of getting trapped and killed as well as kicking out the wrong people, this team will win. Any time, you will be either assigned by the game as an impostor or not for every match. I would say that 70% of the time you are assigned as an innocent astronaut. 30% of the time you will be assigned as a killer considering the impostors only consist of 1% of the astronauts in the spaceship. Expect to be kicked out of the spaceship because you can be accused of being an impostor (even if it's not the case ) at any match and this is very common. This is really supposed to be challenging which is what makes it fun. When you are killed, continue to watch how the game would end for everyone. Do not tell everyone who killed you in the middle of the discussions. Let the other players find out on their own. However, if you are playing alone with random players or strangers and already killed, you can also leave the match and find a new one. For those who are interested in playing this, feel free, and feel at home with us. The good news also is that the game released the 4th map. Are you also excited about the new map? Above is the MIRA HQ Launch game trailer.

Photo Credit: memuplay.com