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Sunrise & Sunset (#WhatMakesMyDayBeautiful)

Sunrise— a blinding light yet new hopes and wishes arise as it marks the beginning of a brand new day. As the sunrise rises from the east, as it touches your glass windows in your room and reflects its light. It is most of the time blinding but it gave me a whole new perspective and full of energy every day.

As a morning person, whenever I see the sunrise it gives me the energy and chills that I need to face the day ahead head held high. It gives me the positivity that I need to boosts and influences the people around me. I don't want the objects and negativities to influence me, but rather I want to influence and spread the vibes I feel whenever the people around me see the smile on my face.

Amid the crisis and pandemic that is happening around our world, a smile and good vibes can change someone's life for a moment as the day goes ahead. A genuine and a happy smile, not a fake and forced one. Smiles may seem so overrated and considered lifeless now in our era but it is not. Let's put in the context like this when you give a child candy and said, "Thank you," to you with a bright and happy smile. What do you feel? You felt the same happiness as the child and it feels like, it's the first again after a long time seeing yourself smile again because of a child. In the same way, we should influence the people around us.

As I thank God for another day that he gave me, the air I breathe for the day, and everything. I always remind myself to be grateful for everything, no matter how small and big it is because after all, I am still lucky to have and experience this kind of life.

As the day passed by, no matter how tired I am from school or work, I always choose to smile. Not I just want to look good and influence people, but I smile because I survived another day again, all the challenges and trials I faced. Happiness and gratefulness I felt at the end of the day, although it may seem so perfect the life I have, it is not. I just learned how to be grateful for everything.

Although, a lot of problems are still going through my head and the mixed emotions I feel but as I walked and see the sunset, making the clouds the same color as it has and reflects its light to the city. I feel greatness and contentment, the vibes and chills it gives me as it says 'Goodbye' and 'See you again tomorrow', tells me that I should let go of these things in my head for the night. That I should recharge myself for another day ahead tomorrow.

As the saying goes by Pankaj Chougule, "Sunrise and Sunset, the perfect examples of both beginnings and endings can be beautiful." So as you, don't let your day start and end without the sunrise and sunset in it, make it beautiful and lovely no matter how joyless and heavyhearted it is and you have the power of turning it in.

- nekkooolai 🖤✨