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Horoscope For Leo

You may experience some tension trying to stay ahead of your busy schedule. You will need to maintain your mental and physical health. Important meetings will conclude successfully, but they may leave you fatigued at the end of the day. Find ways to unwind, says Ganesha.

A tight schedule will keep you on your toes today. Ganesha feels that you will handle the work methodically and will finish your project on time. An unexpected event might dissatisfy you. You may have shared your opinions at the meeting but you should not dishearten as it will take some time to get implemented.

Love relationships may demand more time and efforts to avoid misunderstandings. Your expectations may sound unachievable by your partner. You should not be too demanding. You may need to compromise on the relationship. Patience and understanding are the ways to keeping love life stress-free.

You may have lot of workload today. This may make you feel stressed. You should not quarrel with anybody. Besides, you should avoid cold food, beverages, even frozen food and other such food. It might impact your health negatively, says Ganesha.

While you are going to practice economy today, you will probably also think if you had more money, you may have spent more. Better days are coming ahead, indicates Ganesha – so remain hopeful.