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Yu Mi


Do you really know yourself? Do you know what is your likes and dislikes? Do you know your wants and what you don't? Do you know your favorites and not? How much do you know yourself? Atleast for sure in terms of foods we definitely know our favorites, even the young ones exactly know what's their favorite foods.

In my age i know myself very well. In terms of food, Filipino foods is my favorite, I like ginataang pako(tender fern vegetables with coconut milk), tinolang manok(chicken broth with green papaya and ginger), adobo(it can be with soy sauce and vinegar or abobo sa gata(coconut milk). In adobo dish i like adobong pusit(squid), adobong atay ng manok(chicken liver), adobo sa gata na isda(fish with coconut milk). I also like ginisang gulay (sauteed vegetables/a simple mix of vegetables with garlic and onion), sinantolan(grated santol rind with coconut milk). I like simple and not much flavorings in food like Filipino cuisine.

I remember the day when i worked in Taiwan and I lived their for almost five years, I experienced difficulty in adapting new cuisine, there are times that i felt sad because im craving for sinantolan but sadly there is no santol in Taiwan, and even if i want to cook Filipino dish but our dormitory head is not allowing us to cook, i lost some weight back then because i used to like simple foods and not much flavorings but in Taiwan they used five species and they have eight types of food where in so hard for me to adapt Chinese cuisine. I realized back then that it is so hard to miss your favorite foods unlike if you miss your family or loved ones you can call them right away and your homesick will relieved but if you miss your favorite foods and your place doesn't have that kind of food you have nothing that you can do. Living alone in a different country made me realize that i can't live without Filipino foods.

Every person have different kinds of favorite foods it depends upon the familiarity to the species, ingredients and flavor, country's native cuisine that we live in for a long time, food culture, and foods that we used to eat ever since. Some of us wants Japanese cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Korean cuisine, Filipino cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Italian cuisine, American cuisine etc., and some of us their favorite food is their mom or dad's specialty, their grandma or grandpa's specialty, their favorite chef's specialty, their favorite restaurant's specialty, etc., but whatever it may be your favorite food remember that eating healthy food is one of the best way to achieve a healthy long life.

Lastly, let me share you this, according to the preaching of Pastor Ed Lapiz that if you are not feeling okay just eat delicious food or your favorite foods because eating delicious food will make you feel okay and it will help your mind to think better and your heart to feel better.

photo not mine i got it from TheFoodAlphabet


  • Kyungg
    Oct 26, 2020 01:09
    Oh wow😮You worked in Taiwan👏❤️Luv it! Hihi🤗
  • Eduard
    Oct 24, 2020 17:31
    Correct me if Im wrong that Sinantolan is like the grinded santol?