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Food is a Lifesaver! #MYFAVORITEFOOD #MyFavoriteFood

Food has always been my happiness. Food is what lights up my day when it's dull. Food is what makes my day easier when everything feels heavy. In short, food is what makes everything better! 

When I was little, I was never really a fond of eating way too much and I was kind of a petite kid. But then, as I grow older and felt the stress the world was giving to me, food was the lifesaver; Every type of dish, I'll eat. Even its not healthy anymore but yummy, I'd still eat it, that's how I felt for food when I was growing older. But I have this God-Tier, Top-Tier, Champion food that I can really eat my whole life and that is KARE-KARE!

Kare-kare is a viand Philippine stew complemented with a thick savory peanut sauce. It's main ingredient is "Tuwalya" or Beef Tripe and the special peanut butter and it also include vegetables like "Pechay" or Chinese Cabbage, "Sitaw" or String Beans and "Talong" or Eggplant. Kare-kare can be cooked in 2 ways, the usual kare-kare variant wherein it has its sauce but a bit more, the beef tripe or any pork or beef part and lots of vegetables. There's also a way wherein its' pork is fried or also known as "Lechon Kawali" then the peanut butter sauce is poured directly onto it makes the dish more tastier because of the crisp of the pork. I can say my mouth is really watering while Im typing this down! 

The best part of this viand is the side sauce or the "sawsawan" which is the BAGOONG! 
Bagoong is a condiment of fermented shrimp paste that is cooked until desired taste it reached. The tastier the Bagoong is, the better your kare-kare will be! 

I can say that we all really have our own "Favorite Food" and I think that's one of the reasons why we are unique! We have different cravings, taste buds, favorite sidings, etc. They say 'We are what we eat' when we eat unhealthy foods, but I say well yeah we really are what we eat because when eat, we are happy and I think that's the best thing in the world! Finding oneself happy to something we love doing. 

So to all who love to eat? Go finish that plate and get another round! But don't forget to know your limits so that you can go back anytime you want! 😉

How about you? What's your favorite cravings? Comment down yours! ❤️