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Having a hard time in work? Or in school?

There are problems we face everyday in our lives. How do we get money to buy foods for our family or thinking of when is the time that we are financial free. If your renting a house. You go home everyday and you look at where do you live. Imagine! You don't have your own house but your working for how many years? Maybe a decades? Think of it. And if your a student, you keep pushing forward to graduate and to find a stable job/business. But some of the students stops their schooling because of too many activities, home works, modules, and projects. Here's the thing! Too many people deciding without double thinking. They don't think about their reasons why they lived or why they studied. If the students are like a small plant, the root serves as their family and if your having a hard times during your school? Think of your parents. They also had a hard time but they did, so you are. And if you are a parent and having difficulty, think about the future of your child if you surrender on your current situation. I'm not here to say to you what you want to read. I am here to say to you what you should read. Never give up! Think about your reasons and goals. Godbless everyonešŸ„°