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Letter to My Bestfriend

For my friend who was there then until now. You remember then I was depressed because I failed in my 2 major subjects, you were there immediately you told me not to give up right away because you would help me recover and pass that subject. You remember then I had no money or food, you searched me all over campus until you found me. You took me to the canteen, you bought me food and you even gave me money. You even told me not to be shy because what does a friend mean if we do not work together. You remember I cried again because of my problems, but you were there again right away and you comforted me. I know the word thank you is not enough but thank you so much for what you have done to me until now. Thank you because I used to lean on you I was having a hard time, Thank you because you are always there whenever I need you, Thank you so much God for giving me a friend like you. You are a treasure that I will always take care of and will never neglect.


  • Anime Feels
    Oct 14, 2020 23:55
    Aww! Sweet message ❤️