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What does happiness mean to you? 

In this world we have her happiness when it comes to life, in the simple things we buy what we want, having a boyfriend or girlfriend, seeing again and being with friends, celebrating happy holidays like christmas and new year together well birthday.

Happiness is a feeling of being happy with what you have achieved. 

This is my story. In 2018 when I graduated from Senior High School, I thought I could go to college but I did not. It is sad to think that my classmates can continue their education but the few of us who can not continue are left behind. I was wondering if I could still catch up with my studies? Can I graduate? Or just be left here.

I thought about the situation of my parents and siblings but as the eldest child I was encouraged, until I found the first job I would get into. I was happy when I got in but it was just sad because I was not paid enough. But after two months I decided to resign and look for a job. The first time I tried to apply to the call center I failed, I went home sad I talked to mama then and he said it was okay because it is not so easy now to apply to the call center because of its high standard. I am still weak when it comes to speaking english and grammar so maybe I failed because of that.

October 2018, an unexpected call I received from my friend. He even said that I should act quickly because they have a job caravan, I even asked what work and he said call center. I was surprised because I was going to apply for a call center again and I was also nervous because I might fall again. I took the resume, and said goodbye that I was just going to a job caravan. Mama agreed and said I should be careful, while I was walking I could not help but think of something because I was afraid that I would fail again. But because of our hardships then, I have gained courage. 

I reached the covered court and gave the resume to the woman and she gave us the form and we filled up. After we filled up, we immediately returned to the woman and waited for her to interview us. I prayed that I would be able to pass and help mama and papa with the bills, until the interview came and I was the first to be called. I was very nervous because I hope the interview will be successful for me. 

The interview also lasted 30 minutes because initial and final interviews were required. After we were interviewed we were also called immediately for the result. We were even scared because he was sad to face us. We were just surprised when he suddenly said that we passed the interview and we will start next week (Monday). 

Iwas happy because the result was unexpected altho I became negative because of my fear. We also went home after non and I told mama we passed and we will start next week. Mama was happy because of the result of my passing, very Thank You Lord! 

2 weeks of training given to us. After we passed the training then we became probationary for 6 months. They will see for 6 months if we have passed as a regular employee. 

Until the day came when my result came out, I was a little nervous because I did not know what the result would be. I was surprised because our team leader then stood next to me and handed me the paper that I had written to become a regular employee just on our pay day so I was very happy. 

And now, this coming January I will be working for two years as a leads generation specialist (call center) Even though I stopped studying, I got a good job.  

Above All, Thank You! 

By the way, I am Styn Call center at night, Ate (eldest daughter in Filipino) in the morning and most of all Soon to be Registered Nurse. This is #MyHappiness

Thank you for reading even though my grammar is not good :) 


  • Anime Feels
    Oct 14, 2020 23:56
    Such an inspiring story!!
  • Momentries 2Remember
    Oct 14, 2020 22:52
    Hey! Kudos to you! I also worked there before and I've had one of the most memorable days of my life, I gained so many experiences and friends. I hope you keep your head up high! I could even give you tips about it if you'd like, overall I hope it all works well for you! God is good, and He knows what's in your heart. Your efforts will pay off soon. Be wary about your surroundings and I hope you keep on finding the things that you treasure as well.