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Melanie Tay

Is this the secret to happiness?

Is this the secret to happiness?

Let me start by saying, I AM NOT AN EXPERT ON ANYTHING, NOR CLAIMING THIS MANTRA. I just want to share with you how I got inspired by this and how it actually helped me most of the time. I didn’t say ALWAYS because let’s face it, I’m a hot headed, short tempered ARIES. LOL. So, how did I get to know this “mantra”? As usual I’m laying on my bed scrolling through my facebook and I saw this video and I think the caption was something like “the secret to happiness” and I am not necessarily lonely or going through a hard life at that time but for some reason I played it. Then I see this monk, I think he is famous but my memory sucks so I don’t actually remember his name apologies for this. I think he was giving this talk to an audience and he was saying that (again this is as far as I can remember) nowadays people are having a hard time achieving happiness. Then he said (not in exact words) this process that you can use whenever you are faced with a problem. “if you have a problem, ask yourself. “Can you do something about it? Is there a solution?” If YES, then do something about it.”  “ If NO, then why worry about it? If there’s NOTHING you can do, Don’t worry about it” “Why block your happiness with things that are out of your hands. Why worry on the things that you have no control.” And just like that it moved me, I realized that he is right. Why do we have to be anxious on things that we have absolutely  no control of.  Basic example, being stuck in a horrendous traffic. You feel exhausted ,annoyed and angry because your time is running and you’re just sitting there in traffic. You ask yourself these, obviously there’s nothing you could do to get out of the traffic or to make the cars disappear. So instead of being angry, grumpy or whatever monster you become during this time, why not try to turn on your radio and sing from the top of your lungs. Give yourself a concert, feel the lyrics, dance! Right? It’s like taking a chill pill. This way you were able to preserve your time and spend it being happy instead of being grumpy.
I want to share this mantra to as many people as possible not to take credit for it but to help others. There may be someone out there who like me, needs to realize that there are things that is out of our control and it is such a waste of our time on Earth to obsessed about these things. Life is short, let’s try to focus our time on more important and happy things. Let’s try to use our time wisely. Instead of putting too much time on solving an unsolvable problem, let’s use it to relax and spend it being happy and light. Again I give credit to the man I saw on facebook saying these things, and I am very grateful to him for enlightening me with this.