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Jack Sparrow

How Renejay became one of the successful ML player in Philippines

Renejay was born at Orion,Bataan. He was just an ordinary Mobile legends player with a dream to enter the pro scene and become a pro player someday.

He was recruited by a famous streamer,influencer and CEO of AETHER pro team named AkosiDogie.
AkosiDogie was just playing ranked games and scouting players when he found Renejay's potential to become a pro. 

The time when akosidogie completed his 5 man line up composed of Renejay,Aeron,Danyel,Dogie,Vern and Van to compete at The Nationals. It was Renejay's first amateur scene but suddenly the team didn't work out. It was months later when they enter a qualifiers of MPL(Mobile legends Professional League) which is the biggest pro scene in the Philippines. And they successfully make it with through qualifiers and with his new team.

He started his streaming page and youtube channel with the influence of his Boss. And now he has 2M+ followers in Facebook and 1M+ subscriber in Youtube. He already established businesses like clothing and restaurant with his girlfriend who were supporting him. 

To make it short, never give up on your dreams until you reached it just like Renejay. BAKA RENEJAY TO!