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It's Okay To Not Be Okay

You only live once. Being not too young and at the same time not too old is the stage in our lives where we feel the right to scream YOLO. Indeed, it is a point in our lives that we can savor the freedom and independence we were kept from by our parents and/or guardians. But this stage is not all fun.

As we move forward with age, we come across what we call "Quarter Life Crisis." For a fact, I don't know a person who has never felt empty and confused at this age. But if you are not one, well, lucky for you.

This is the stage in our life where we feel like nothing is falling into place. A point in our life when we are just confused to where we are headed - whether it be a job or a relationship. It's chaotic in its own sense that sometimes we feel like we don't have a grip at anything that's going on in our lives. What is even worse is that whenever we look around, we see others our age acting as if they are surfing through the waves of life without a hassle and wonder to ourselves how their pulling through while our life is a mess. How you been on those times? Or are you on one now?

Because I am.

The truth is, I am finding this situation very hard to believe yet I know it is very real. I always thought my life will be a bliss without having to struggle and put up much effort on things I do. I am an achiever, I used to be, but right now, I just feel lost.

Jobless. Alone. This are the things I never thought will happen to me but it is here. It is now. And as it real as it is, I still can't get a hold of my reality now.

I don't know who will read this but this is more like a self-note for me, and these are the things I want to say to myself. I hope you, readers, may find something here that will suit you and your situation.

"You are on a rough patch on your journey to success. Strive hard and overcome obstacles. You will get there."

"Never compare your race to others because in this race, you are your competition and the way to win is to never stop. Move forward."

"Pray. Learn to trust everything to the Lord - because He has something instore for you."

I hope I left something here that could be useful to you.

We can do this.