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With so much technology nowadays, it is really easy to watch, research, and be a part of a community (even virtually). And I can say, that each one of us at some point in our lives or until now, is a fan and have become/have been in a dedicated community of fans - the Fandom Community.

Being a newbie fangirl or fanboy is really confusing at the start. There are lots of terms you encounter as you scroll down in your ‘recently-liked-fandom-fb-page’. Then there are times when you encounter a post where the admin used a fandom term, and you have to search through the comments to be able to get the meaning of the post. I have experienced those situations and I admit, it is really uncool. And so I am here to present you some fandom terms. Let’s start!!! *presses F5*

ANGST - a fanfic that usually deals with extreme dark emotions like depression and suicide (sorry for the term, but that is the truth).

AU (Alternative Universe) - term used when the characters of the original story or the story itself is/are put into different dimension, usually in a world that is different from the source material.

BETA READER - someone who reads, edits and proofreads a friend’s fanfic, basically acts as an editor.

BroTP - play on the term OTP that refers to a fan’s favorite best friends character.

CANON - an information that is not made up by the fans, but officially came from the author/creator and is considered real to the whole fandom universe.

CRACKSHIP - an unusual ship and is unlikely to ever become a canon.

FANBOY - male equivalent of fangirl; their existence are often rarer and lesser known.

FANDOM - the entire fans devoted to a certain work (book, movie, tv show, music, etc.) or person (author, singer, actor, etc.) regarded collectively as a community. It is also the state of being a fan of someone or something.

FANFICTION - or FANFIC; a fan-based story usually written for fandom entertainment.

FANGIRL - a particularly obsessive female fan; can be very dangerous when triggered.

FANGIRLING - the reaction any fangirl has at the mere sight/mention of anything related to the fandom she belongs to. The reaction usually includes shortness of breath, high pitched screams, shaking, endless blog posts, and sometimes fainting.

FEELS - fandom term for ‘feelings’; refers to an unavoidable wave of emotions.

FLUFF - a happy, cutesy and often G-rated flirty type of fanfic.

FoeTP - refers to two characters who tends to be perfect rivals.

FURRY - pertains to animals having human characteristics; also refers to someone who roleplays as such creature.

GHOST SHIP - a pairing where one or both characters have died in canon or AU; although dead or partly dead, the ship is still sailing.

HEADCANON - a fan-based idea or scene that does not oppose the source and is then assumed as part of the canon.

NoTP - a fan’s most hated pairing.

OTP (One True Pairing) - a fan’s favorite pairing; the pairing that a fan is obsessed with and truly adores, and therefore causes the most suffering and feels.

SHIP - short for ‘relationship’; when a fan wants two characters to get together more and be involved in a romantic relationship.

The list might be long but seriously, it is still not enough. But I hope this blog helped or can help you in familiarizing yourself to the fandom you’re in. No matter what, stay loyal to your fandom! Do not let the feels drag you down! Do not be afraid to let your ship/s be known! Do not be ashamed of your crackship/s! Post a headcanon! Ship as many as you like! And most importantly; DON’T judge the book by its movie... same as DON’T judge the manga by the anime!!!


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