• Good News

Ressa Agustin


When you heard BTS what comes into your mind? Maybe its behind the scenes all the time. But you're wrong BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan is a kpop group who make the world feral. They are not just your ordinary kpop group. They took the west by storm because of their undeniable charisma and talents. Some people may confused why they are popular. For me they are not famous just for having a good looks but have that social influency. Their songs conveys messages that will help you to love yourself even more . There are times that if you are feeling down just listen to their song and you will be realized the hidden message of that song. They ranked  #1 on Billboard Hot 200 4 times .  Breaking so much records. They started from the bottom but because of their hardwork and effort they are on top now . They always say that even you are on top you need to stay humble .