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Arvie Adriano

When You Are Smiling

Most of us see smiling as involuntary response to things that bring us joy and laughter. But what we do not know is, it is a conscious and powerful choice.

A strong link has been found between good health, longetivity and smiling. Scientific studies have confirmed that the act of smiling, whether the result of real joy or an act has countless health benefits.

Here are the reasons why you should make a conscious effort to smile. 

1. Smiling makes you attractive. Most people are drawn to someone who always smile. 
2. Smiling Reduces Stress. 
3. Smiling Elevates Our Mood. Smiling can trick the body into helping elevate the mood. 
4. Smiling Boost Immune System. It si thought that when you smile, immune functions are improved. 
5. Smiling Lowers Blood Pressure. When we smile there is a reduction ij Blood Pressure. 

So every time you feel sad, gloomy or in pain, try to curve and move that muscle in your face because there is a magic in your smile.