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Jake Losantas


This has happened when I was 5 years old. (I'm 21 now)

* It was exactly 11:30 pm (Before April 1,) when my mom wakes me up, I don't have any idea what's happening. Then she told me that we can't go out until 12MN because there's a Ghost outside, (LOL I don't have any care with that because I'm sleeping that time :D she just disturbs me) So, what did I do is I hug her tight so that she can't be scared. So the 12MN comes and she said let's go outside now and let's see where's the ghost is. So I said "Sure mom, just hold me tight so that you won't be scared" and she replied, "Of course!". When we were walking downstairs I'm really scared that time because all the lights are closed and I don't see anyone, and I just remember I didn't see all my siblings. (Like where are they :D what is really happening) Long story short, someone holds my hand and I don't know who was it, but I don't saw any head and my mom vanished in the dark :D (It wasn't Halloween) I cried so loud because I'm too scared and after I almost lost my voice cause of shouting too loud, everyone shouted HAPPY APRIL FOOLS !!! ( And that was the memorable APRIL FOOLS EXPERIENCE that happened in my life )

Backstory- We celebrate it as a complete family, everyone is there. My mom, my dad, all my siblings, our aunts, our grandmother, and grandfather. And that was my first and last experience celebrating APRIL FOOLS DAY.

Before I end this story I want to leave a short message to everyone that "Cherish every moment, because we can't go back to the past and do it once again" 


-Jake Losantas SJ.