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Jie Cabuyao

To be Productive in Online Classes

If you are not used to the virtual learning because ever since you are attending regular school then it might be a tough adjustment for you, however, here are some tips you can try to remain focus and attentive to class:

1. Stay away from distractions
Never open your smartphones or any device that you are not using for your online class if you will just browse on your social media accounts because you will get scammed by making you distracted. 
2. Set a goal
Try not to procrastinate even though it is hard because you have to train yourself by not getting immediate gratification, you have to finish a task for today.
3. Breathe
Give yourself a space to breathe which means you have to take short, no longer than an hour because you will get tempted to be lazy, breaks in between your study hours.

It is normal to get drained or exhausted because you are not a robot so always aim to have productive yet healthy studying sessions. Try not to get distracted or else you will unable to finish and then get stressed about it. More importantly, reward yourself with every task you have accomplished, relax, it is definitely okay.