• Good News

Agatha De Borja

Anything Is Possible! šŸ™Œ Just Remember This When You Feel Discouraged!

      Let me explain. Whatever happens to you and no matter what the current situations are, you can all change them. Your unwanted and current circumstances usually come from the thoughts that you hold to yourself in your mind. It can also come from others. For example, I used to believe that I'm not good at Math. Growing up I have been truly bad at it. It all began when I was so little. Someone told me some of the most painful words everrr about my abilities. Without realizing it, the words became like a seed and grew in my mindset over time. Thus, I have seen more and more evidence of the belief until I read about the Law and changed my mindset completely forever. 

      My advice is to have thoughts and beliefs that shall create the life that you want. It's that simple. According to my mentor, it is very important to never think that life is difficult but rather too easy. It is not by efforts(they are just leading to where you want to be and it's done naturally instead of forcing the actions), but it's by your mindset alone that creates it. Just focus on what you want. I know this is truly stupid to think about. You are not alone in thinking that way. It's easy to be skeptical about this stuff. If you keep remaining in the mindset of life is unfair and way too challenging, the more it will be true and show up in your life exactly like that. Be optimistic. I do not care where you are financially or how horrible your life is. I truly recommend this type of mindset and your beliefs about yourself. Then, dwell on who you want to become in this world. This is how you achieve different things such as the amount of money desired, success, confidence, and more. You can be whoever you want. Again, I don't care how terrible your circumstances are. Trust me! If nothing seems to work, do not give up and persevere in your faith. I have been there. Never give meaning to the reality that still seems to contradict your thoughts and beliefs especially when you first get started. Lastly, think that what you want is already yours instead of you having it next week, next year, or in 10 years. It's a quicker method. The concept of time also doesn't exist. If you need to cry, it's okay to do that since we are all human beings. What matters is that these are your new beliefs deep down. It's up to you how you can take this information.

Photo Credit: Popsugar