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Life outside the relationship and how important it is?

Life outside the relationship
How important it is?

Hi! Hello! how’s your life? 😊 I hope you’re alright. 
And if you’re not. I just want to say it’s just temporary you’ll get through it 😊. 

I just wanna ask, have you ever went through a relationship that you we’re too dependent to your boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, wife, husband?
 If yes how did you ever handle it before? 
Or are you currently in to that situation? If yes how does it feel?

A lot people value their independence. Lot of us values our own ways to express ourselves by doing our passion or pursuing a career. We do these things by ourselves while being around with different circles of people.

And then one day we’ll just fall in love and jump into a relationship.

So what does the love life do to all these things that we always used to do when we’re still single. Okay! Some people would turn around their life because of love. They tend to change their list of priorities and eventually changes their perspective in life. But some people remain to the way they used to be.

So let’s go here, in 100% of people who are in a relationship the 80% of it belongs to those people who changes their priorities because of love. 
So what are the common and most frequent scenarios happening to these people.
1.	They always make time for their partners.
2.	They tend to forget themselves just to make their partner happy.
3.	They tend to give their all and left nothing for themselves.
4.	They tend to pick their partner over anything or anyone else.
5.	They tend to be blind over the right or wrong things. Because the only thing that matters for them is only their partner or its opinion.

Do you belong with these kinds of lovers?

What if one day they’re gone.

Are you secured about yourself ? 
Can you still live your life happy without him/her ?

Do you know how important it is to have an independently secured life without having to rely with anyone else but yourself. 

Can you still do it ?
Are you still brave enough to stand on your own ?
And if your answer is a NO.

I think you should re-evaluate yourself.

1.	Start to build yourself again.
2.	Learn to have your own life outside your relationship.
3.	Do not rely too much on your partner, because you need to be strong enough for yourself.

Step up! You can do it 😊