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Perks of Having a Cat

There are a lot of us, who loves pet. It can be dog, rabbit, hamster, or cat. But of course not everyone loves pet. Some cannot handle the chaos of having pet. Pets are playful, they love to play around and they are not aware of the limitations they should have.  One day you went home, and the moment you open your door, you will see a broken sofa, broken vases, etc. And of curse, no matter how much you love your pet, you will get pissed, right? After a long tiring in school or work, you will come home with the chaos in your living room or bedroom. 
   But despite of the chaos, once you open your door, you will see your pet waiting for you to come home,  if you have cat or dog, you will see their wagging tail, their happy eyes and the exciting barks or meows they have after seeing you. Aside from the chaos, you will also come home feeling their tongue licks your cheeks or your hands, it means they miss you. You may get pissed with the chaos the made, but they will make your heart melt by the actions they make, aren't they the sweetest? 

    Personally, having a cat is not that easy, especially when my cat is below 4 months old. His poop is everywhere, and we all know that cat's poop are really smells so bad. My cat still doesn't know how to poop in our yard, he always poops under the bed and cabinet. But later on, by means of my patience, he learned to poop in the yard. What's the perks of having a cat?

1. They like to cuddle! I have no boyfriend, and having someone to cuddle with feels great. Kidding aside in the part of boyfriend, to cuddle with your cat is one of the best feeling, you really can feel the warm of their body. They are good in cuddling, in fairness.

2. Every time I came home from the school, he always rub his body to my feet and keep meowing, one I carried him, he kisses me and lie in my arms like a baby. While sitting in a sofa watching a television, they'll just suddenly curl up in my lap. Cat owner, you all feel me? It feels good right?

3. For someone have an anxiety, a cat can turn my bad day into a good one. They really are good in playing. Petting them can change my mood.

4. I tend to be alone, but because of my cat,  I don not feel the loneliness.

5.Cats makes my house pests-free! Yes, we all know this right? I once have mice and cockroaches in my house, not until my cat came! They're gone now, thanks to my lovely cat.

6.On the site that I had read, it says that having a cat makes our heart healthier. Cats can reduce stress and other unwanted feelings.

7.Cats can entertain my visitors. I had a bit of problem in entertaining my visitors, I have this awkward way of welcoming them, but once they sees my cat, they will play with my cat and my cat would be the star of the day. LOL.

8. It gives a family time. Maybe not to everyone, but to my family it does. We are having this time where we only talk about our cat, we play our cat and we all laugh if something funny happens. 

   These are just a few of the perks of  having a cat. You may not agree to some, but can we all agree that cat is a blessing? It makes our life happier and easier. May we live our cat to the fullest.