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All I Want for Christmas (#MYCHRISTMASWISHLIST)

On March 11, 2020, the day wherein the World Health Organization declared that COVID-19 was now a global pandemic. Indicates that the pandemic had spread worldwide as it affects millions and thousands of lives. On that day, many countries all over the world have been affected and reported a COVID-19 outbreak in their territory. Airports, ports and harbors, banks, malls, restaurants, and lots of establishments halted and ended causing many individuals to experienced layoffs and permanent dismissal.

We cannot deny even up until today there is still fear and apprehension lurking around us and still causing some people to have panic attacks. However, most individuals are fed up with COVID-19 and to stay indoors for another month. Frontliners are continuing their works, and as for some businesses and other essentials was back into business after the community quarantine was lifted.

As Christmas and New Year celebration is approaching, some of us cannot feel the same and overflowing happiness and joy like what we had experienced in the past years. With this, some have lost their hopes but there is still hope! As the new decade begins soon, one country has announced to start its COVID-19 vaccination in their territory and will be available by New Year. I have hopes in them and believe in them as it is God's way of saying, "This will be over soon."

As they have successfully passed all of the three phases with such a strategic and cautious plan. We have to believe and send our positive thoughts to them- the United Kingdom, as it brings a lot of promises. If they succeed, it will be the greatest moment for all of us as it is also the success of the world for fighting against the COVID-19 for almost a year. We have to believe in them, as I include them in my Christmas Wishlist wishing and hoping for them to be successful.

As many businesses were halted and ended because of the pandemic, one of them is my family's business. They were not able to continue the operation as we only have limited access and permission to the authorities. I included this in my Christmas Wishlist because these new businesses and projects will bring a lot of livelihood to other people that can help and sustain their families.

I also included in my wishlist for this year's Christmas celebration to pass all of my College Applications to the universities I applied to, especially the PATTS College of Aeronautics and UniSA. As they are my dream school wherein I will be able to finish and get my Bachelor's degree for my chosen career and path to walk through. I am hoping that my grades and the general weighted average will be enough to pass and study in these prestigious colleges and universities.

I included in my Christmas Wishlist too, all of the new projects I want to work with. Such as creative and meaningful content for my blogs and articles to post in here, new and substantial vlog contents to upload on my YouTube channel, as all of these to help and inspire young people and many individuals. Additionally, if God will grant me to work with brands and organizations to help my advocacy, and my platform and influence to become wider and influential.

I also want to add to my Christmas Wishlist all of the things that my family wants to get and receive this Christmas. I don't know what are their wishes but God knows it and He will hand it at the right time. Lastly, material things that I wrote in my Christmas Wishlist that I want to get this Christmas for myself but I'm broke so maybe no. I want to buy a new laptop for better video and photo editing, and for better results in everything I do every day. A printer, and a camera for vlogging with some vlogging essentials so that I can make my vlogs better.

When the right time comes, God will grant all of our wishes. Just a matter of time and patience. So, let's us do our best in everything we do so that when the right time comes, when all of our wishes will be granted, we are ready to use it for a good cause and of course, be deserving to have it. All of these, we claim in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


- nekkooolai 🖤✨