• Good News

Agatha De Borja


       Personally, I wish for a lot of things for Christmas. My friends and I are about to exchange gifts by delivering them to each other. Each of us secretly has an assigned person to who we give the gifts. Each of us typed on Google Docs what we wanted for Christmas on the day of the delivery exchanged gifts. Each of us listed 3 possible gifts so that we could choose which gift we shall deliver to one another. I'm going to pick one gift from the list for the person that I'm assigned to. Based on what I typed, I wanted either one of the following gifts: Harry Styles Fine Line Album Shirt, One Direction Phone Case, and some We Bare Bears Stuffed Toys. 

     This was a nice delivery exchange gift that we are about to do this month. These things are absolutely nice. However, there are these certain wishes that I truly wanted for Christmas. First of all, I would like my career to be boosted the following year. It would be one of my greatest Christmas gifts ever. Well, this is more of a New Year's resolution. Also, if I pass the specific job that I have been applying for this month, it would be another wish that comes true. Here comes the three of the most important gifts that I wish for this Christmas: the full recovery of my stroke survivor parent, the recovery of the COVID-19 patients, and feeling fulfilled. 

     All I want is for my father to get back on track and to be fully recovered by this Christmas. This would be the greatest gift for the family. He has had a severe stroke since late last year. It's been an intense, heavy, and emotional situation.  My father has had huge progress because of this great physical therapist. Taking care of a stroke survivor family member brings a lot of responsibilities. It's going to be one of the most intense as well as challenging experiences that someone has to go through but it's still worth it. I want to see him stand up and become normal again. I wish for more and more recoveries for COVID-19 patients. If it's possible, I wish for the whole world to be healed and for COVID-19 to stop. Lastly, I want to feel fulfilled and become grateful because I'm optimistic in life. How about you? What do you want for Christmas?

Photo Credit: Pixabay