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A teen who wants to earn money to support her needs and help her family. Read her story

HI! I'm a teenager, still studying and depending on my parent's financial support. I get good grades in school and I also work and study hard to have that good grades as my payback to my parent's sacrifices. However, they're getting old and I see them starting to struggle to earn money to support my education and financial needs. As I see them in that situation, I got distracted and overthink about stuff. I don't want to fail them, I want them to have a life they deserve after all of their hard works to support me. So I ended up trying and doing part-time jobs, online jobs, and such so that I can earn money to support them. And since I am a teenager and too young to do part-time jobs like fast food crew, cashier, packer, etc, they don't allow me to work. I searched for online jobs that can help me to earn money but I ended up being scammed. Despite all of those failures I encountered, I did not give up and will never give up. I really want to help my parents with the finances, I don't want them to carry all of the burdens all by themselves. And I ended up being here, In Good Info Net. I've searched so many sites that I can work with to earn money and support myself. So I did try. I don't know where it will lead me but this is my story. This is my motivation to work hard. This is my way to help my parents and myself also. 
My life is not easy, it is not tough also. We experience abundancy, but we also experience difficult times. 
As a teenager who works and study hard. A student who dreamed to have a good life. A daughter who aims to help her parents. I want you all to know that if you have a stable family who does not have a problem with their finances to support you, appreciate and use it in a proper way. You are blessed to have a blessed family. Not all of the kids around doesn't have the capability to be supported by their parents. You are so lucky to be in that position. 
And to end this article and a story of me. I want to congratulate you on having that life. I know that you will work hard because you deserve that position in your life. Let us all support each other so we can be the person we want to be in the future. That we can have the life we want to have in the future. 
May the God above guide us and help us be the person he wants us to be to honor him, ourselves and our family as well.