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What is pet? what does it really means?

Do you have a pet? Do you love your pet? Can't you live without your pet?
Hi everyone! Especially for those who own a pet. How does it feel to have one? What it gives you and how it gives change to your life? Well, just leave a comment below this post about that.
Moving forward, What is pet? It is a tame animal kept as a companion. But there is a deep meaning aside from that. It is our other half. It is not just a tamed animal that we can have in our house to guard, to play, or to be a house decoration. Animals surrender themselves to us, the owners to show how they love us as they see us their family, and other half. These animals have a deep understanding of what love is. They feel your feelings and emotions. They know when you're sad or when you're happy. They are the only ones who can show you what unconditional love is.
We all have a different definition, description, and understanding of what true love is. We all have our ways on how we can express our love and how we can feel the love. But one thing is for sure about love. It is staying by your side/ by their side whatever the situation is. Our pets always stay, so stay with them too. They only have you and they don't just see you as an owner or what. They love you because they love you and not because you're their owner or what. 
To summarize that, pets are our heart. Protect, care, and love your pet as you do it with your heart. They only live shortly. Within that time frame in their life, make them feel love as they make you feel love.