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How do I boost my self esteem? How do I make my confidence step up? 

I was always the kid who was really shy of everything. I remember even on Filipino birthday parties they usually has games and like all the children in that party would like join and play the game, and then there's me. Everyone would be looking at me because I was the only kid left sitting with my mom while all the kids are in front playing and winning prizes. Then there comes this time where I wanted one of the prizes from the game but I didn't win because I didn't even joined the game. 

But now that I got out of my comfort zone, I am happy of what I have become because it made me grow even more to the woman I was never expecting I can be. I grew to be the woman I was imagining when I was at those birthday parties. I grew to be the woman who doesn't give a damn about what anyone else thinks of me. As long as I do what I want and what I can and I don't hurt anyone, I am capable of being who I am. And that's how boost my self-esteem. 

You just do you, be happy of what you do and do what you love without having to ask for anyone's opinion about you. Because the time you ignore other people's opinion about you, that's the moment you know that you have the power to not be distracted by others. 



  • Nekkooolai
    Feb 23, 2021 21:32