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A Student

Do you have a hard time being a student? Do you find school boring? Does it stress you? Well, most of us experience and still experiencing this kind of struggle of being a student. Some almost give up school because they can't do it anymore or they are facing financial problems. Some don't and still fighting and continuing school because they have a dream, well I'm not saying that those who gave up didn't have a dream but we all have our valid reason to come up with such decisions.
Going back, how are you or we going to continue school even if we face a problem. We only have a simple reason. Because we have a dream. We want to be settled. We want to have a good life. We want to travel. We want our own money. Life does really have a lot of problems that we need to face. It is part of our growth and maturity. It allows and molds us to become stronger and braver to face the next day. As we get stronger and braver, these struggles become easy and beatable. And our school is part of it. Let it teach you, let it mold you. Let it make you cry, let it stress you. Because after all of the breakdowns, stress, sleepless nights, and hardships you spent will be worth it and paid off. WHY? It is because you finished it and you'll have that degree. It is because you survive from those problems, you survived being a student. 
And after all of that, you will be able to see the world on your own. You don't have to look for the price tag. You don't have to ride on a public vehicle because you have your own car. And that you can live your life comfortably.
Nothing starts with everything, that they know everything, that they can have anything. We all start from nothing and then gaining. It is a process and a progress. Let yourself experience life. Let yourself become a student. Becasue one day, you will never be a student. But who you really are