• Good News




Pets have indeed huge effect on someone's life. Even not being humans, and lacks the ability to be rational, they can still stand as our partner, our buddy, in life. Any kind of domestic animals can be your pet based on your preference. As for me, I'm used to be a dog lover like most people do. Maybe because, I grew up having dogs in our house too. Honestly, I admit how I lack empathy on  a pet's feelings. Utmost, I see them more of an emotional support. One you can play with to entertain yourself, or to make you feel light and remove gloomy days, one you can baby cause they just irresistibly cute, but at the end of the day, you just view them as simply pets. However, during the pandemic, pets have brought me an important thought that taught me great lesson. 

First, I'm not really find of cats  since I'm initially a dog lover. But upon the habit on scrolling on social media especially on youtube, watching funny pet videos. I never thought I could develop fondness of cat in me. I just realized that even tho they don't show much emotions like dogs ( coz mostly they have that smug-face-mode-on ) , they are as adorable and loving as dogs. I even watched cats who saved their human owners in an emergency situation. Like seriously, who wouldn't be touched? Aside from that, cats are very funny too! In their  own way, tho.  Funny, tricky, and smart, actually. Now I really wanted to have cat . Not that I haven't experienced it, only that it doesn't usually last. It was just when I was younger when we had a cat in the house. We never officially adopted again since we tend to have random stray cats visiting us, time to time. ( Yes, sometimes they act like our house is a foster home to them ). Main point for this is, cats can be a man's bestfriend too!

Second thought, one that I had pondered and really brought lesson in my life, is to care for our pets like humans with real feelings. They are not just stuff toys or something. I have come to this reflection because of lockdown. Most of the time, when we are busy on our life, we tend to neglect our pets or lack of giving them enough attention. Yet, they will still be cheerfully jumping on us, like of dogs, when we arrived home. Since we also look to them as only "pets", we used to just left them at home, lace them, or lock them in cage. That would be the case for most pets, and probably half of their life were just spent on home, like how we spent our life on lockdown during pandemic. This quite saddened me, cause lock down obviously feels depressing. How about our pets? Haven't you ever think how do they feel spending their whole day just at home? I realized how it can also has mental impact on them too. They are not as rational as we are to see the situation they are in, but for sure their feelings would not give them away. They also felt miserable especially when left alone at home.

Now that it dawned on me, I used to talk and play with my pets more. Hoping I could return the fulfillment they give to me as their owner. So if your also a pet owner, maybe it's the time for you too to put more attention on your pets if you haven't yet. Give back the smiles they brought in you!

Our pets, either a dog, cat or others, are our true pals too! Buddies that we can be with for life. Give them much love, cause real buddies always got each other's back!


Keep safe and Godbless!