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Sunshine Ace

A fresh start is bittersweet 🙌

If you want a fresh start, you must be ready to let go of some of the old things from the past. 
To let go of some of your emotional baggage that will only weigh you down as you move on and move forward.  To accept that not everyone has the capacity to move and grow with you in your new chapter. It is stepping out of your comfort zone and into uncharted territory. 

A fresh start is a cleanslate for the new things, but it comes with the grief of longing from how things and people used to be. The pain of detachment when you still wanted to hold on. 
A fresh start restores the passion within you that has been hiatus for quite a while, but at the same time it creates fear for the unknown. The irony that makes you excited for something new, but at the same time makes you question yourself if you can really do it. 
A fresh start comes with a promise of growth, but it also comes with the pain of shedding as you transform into the new you. It’s intentionally changing yourself: so many things to unlearn, and to discontinue old habits and mindset that brings no gain in your new chapter.

A fresh start is bittersweet. It comes with a person to celebrate, but it also comes with the burden to grieve.

But no matter how hard the transition of embracing your fresh start, know that you made the right decision some good things are not really easy to reach. But someday you’ll thank yourself that you chose to take the risk of a new beginning. All the struggles you’ve faced is nothing compared to the pain of regret for being stuck. - -