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6 Top Skills To Develop on Your Free Time

     Are you working on your self improvement especially that you have a lot of free time to spend inside the comfort of your home?

      Maybe most of us were encouraged to have our own glow ups since we'll have an ample amount of time during this quarantine period, and maybe also just because it's the trend! But hey, glow up doesn't just mean working on physical appearance, glow ups can also be working on your skill. You can learn a new skill or level up the one you already have!

     The benefits of working on your skills aren't just to improve yourself nor to awe other people. It is because you also use this in a lifelong process!

      Now, you might be already thinking of what possible skills you may want to develop starting today. Well, I've prepared some for you and you may want to read them all below. Choose what you prefer and feel free to take your time!

1. Vocabulary and Reading Skill

    Actually, these are one of the best skills to improve without conditions. Ofcourse, we all know that we use our vocabulary and reading skills in the daily. However, would you only settle with the skill level you have today?

    You can improve your vocabulary and reading skills in many ways, such as academically and professionally. Read several and variety of books during your leisure time, maybe about your past lessons in class to constantly retain the knowledge, or perhaps advance reading for your incoming lessons. That's regarding academic tho.

    You can also professionally by developing vocabularies on a specific field like your work career. Delve more on the technical aspects of your profession. Know the jargons or the technical terms. You can even read some manuals you just used to ignore in your workplace. Who knows when you'll need them.

2. Math Skills

    Maybe you're one of the many people who feels that his or her math skills have slowly been deteriorating as time passes by. Like, you can't even answer a simple equation without re-checking on the calculator first. Or you can't help counting still with your fingers which you don't even do when you're still on the lower years at school. Why is that? 

    Since you slowly fade away from the environment of numbers and equations like your regular math class before, you also loses your alertness. Practice makes you good at things. But when you withdraw from this cycle of practice, you slowly let go that thing you are good at. That's why if you feel like your slowly losing your high level mathematical ability you acquired at school. Unless, you're still working with a similar environment. If you don't, maybe now is the time for you to get that skills back more enhanced than ever. Be a monster at math again maybe aim for the "Einstein" level?

3. Art Skill 

     The best way to enjoy leisure time could also be spending it on enhancing your art skill. Or if you feel that you don't have a knack on art, why not invest a little at a time? Not all talents are born with, you know. Sometimes we acquire them by constant effort and determination. If you really want to improve on your art, make a time for it. Aside from the satisfaction it would give like when you achieve a desired result, it is also relaxing and therapeutic. And probably, you can use it in for earning in the future!

4. Speaking Skill

    Most of the indemand jobs today requires great speaking skills like call center and ESL teachers or tutors. If you're not really good at talking, now is your time to think of making a change. If you're already good at it, well, there's always a room for improvement. You can do this along with enhancing your vocabulary and reading skills. When reading, instead of doing it silently, why not try to read it aloud? Like you're talking to someone, having a speech or something? Practice your diction and accent.You'll just realized later on how fluent and confident you became.

5. Dancing Skill

     If you prefer something that really  requires physical activities, work on your dancing skills! You don't need to be a legit dancer. Have your freestyle, or learn the basics. Move to the beat, groove. Aside from the enjoyment, you'll also be working on your physical fitness and your friends will just suddenly be surprised how you've become a dancing machine! Isn't that great?!

6. Networking and Marketing

    Since many people are losing their regular jobs, most are resorting to business. Some resorts to affiliations and commissions. If you're an aspiring one, one of the best thing you can use your free time is with learning deeper on networking and marketing. You can simply do this by researching or watching tutorials such as  on youtube, especially when you're not a graduate of a related degree. They say your network is your networth. Isn't it the time now to increase your networth? Now go enhance your skills!

     Wrapping these up, I'll end this with a quote " Improvement begins with I".


Staysafe and Godbless everyone!